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Is the upward spiral of operating your business putting a crunch on cash flow? Are you tired of spending seemingly endless dollars in your search for proficient, effecient, and consciencious employees? We have the answer at T.R.P Referral Service. Once you come to us, your search is over. We do all the work for you. Through our unique, Stalwart recruiting methods, provision of highly qualified empoyees is near fool-proof.
We are a Job/Career Referral service.Let us do the "legwork" for you. We will conduct an extensive job/career search on your behalf, matching your skills with the requirements of prospective Employers. When possible, we will set up interviews for you too. We will also edit, and create your resume for a minimal fee. For all your career moves, be they: Start-Up positions, or Career upgades, let us work for you. Please indicate the order of importance, or order of career choices as follows: 1st choice; 2nd choice etc. All serious, career minded individuals Email your Resume (in Word format) as an attachment to. TRP37777@aol.com today.
For your convience. We accept payment via Visa and Master card through PayPal. Just click on the X.com logo at the bottom of this page, and follow instructions to submit your payment via credit card. You will have to register for a free PayPal account to complete this transaction. There is an added benefit to using this method of payment. You will get five dollars deposited into your new account, when you register a free account with PayPal. So, there is, in essence five dollar automatic discount to you!!!
P.S. You must sign up with PayPal with a Premier or Business account to qualify for the five dollar bonus.
Attention Employers:
Are you tired of expending needless, and endless hours searching for competent employees? Has your search for enthusiastic, high energy, productive employees been both time consuming, and overall unproductive? Would you like more time to concentrate on the more important aspects of your business; such as promotion and incoming revenue building ventures? Then call us today, for an inexpensive, competitive means of prospecting qualified employees, contact T.R.P. today at the link below.
We pre-screen all applicants, provide testing (when requested). If testing is necessary, please provide any and all pertinent information concerning the types of testing requested. There are no risidual fess applicable, only a "one time low procurement fee" equalling 15% of employees annual salary. For details or personalized quotes contact us at the link below. For your convenience, you can pay via Visa or Mastercard by clicking on the LOGO at the bottom of this page.
Allow us to save you the time and effort of the initial interviewing process, and provide top quality employess seeking long term employment.
Contact T.R.P. today at: TRP3777@aol.com

At T.R.P.we will "fill your bill" for word processors, receptionists, data entry clerks, secretarial (general and speciality), customer service representatives, computer programmers, computer technicians, general laborers, and many other positions. If you have a position to fill, we have the personnel who can "fill the bill." Remember: we provide pre-screening, behavioral & apptitude testing, reference checks, background checks, as well as provide all your recruitment needs, among many other aspects which will decrease your expenses in these areas, we also do all the advertising for you. All for a one time nominal procurement fee. We truly are "LOOKING BEYOND THE HORIZON FOR YOUR FUTURE." T.R.P. cares for and about you.

T.R.P. also has sundry items for your edification, enlightment, and enjoyment. See our current site for details.


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